How do I get my business noticed online? How can I create an engaged social media audience? How do I convert website visitors and social media followers into customers? What hashtags should I be using? Are Google ads a good investment?

I'm Sydney Chakalos, a marketing nerd and small business owner with a passion for helping other small business owners grow their business using effective online marketing strategies on any budget.

Learn how to create and implement a marketing strategy that strengthens relationships with your audience and increases your bottom line. We'll cover topics around social media, email, Google ads, branding, and websites. Building your brand is a marathon and I'm here to help you win the race.


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Episode 4: Build & Brand Your Website with Waterloo Street

On this episode of the Marketing Your Local Business Online Podcast, we’re chatting with Rachel and Hannah of Waterloo Street, a boutique website design agency. They have the answers to all questions that you may have about website building, essentials for branding your website, and how to do it all within your budget. Let’s dive in!


Waterloo Street is a boutique website design agency for female CEOs who are ready to level up their business. On this episode, we’re talking with Waterloo Street founders, Rachel Whitfield and Hannah Samlall. These incredible boss ladies not only design stunning websites, but they also focus on really capturing the essence of your brand. 


In this episode they’re guiding you through why it’s important to have a website today, the things you need to consider when branding your website, what you can do if you’re on a budget to create your website, and the essential questions to ask when interviewing potential website designers.


Ready to get your website off the ground, but don’t have the resources to hire out? Waterloo Street has an amazing Website Template Shop full of stunning done-for-you templates that are completely customizable to your brand! Use the code “MARATHON” for 15% off your template. I used their template shop to create my website and it was a total lifesaver!


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Hi friends! My name is Sydney, founder of Marathon Marketing & Branding, and I’m so happy you’re here! As you might have guessed, I am an avid runner, which allows me to have more of that pinot and pasta in life. Running long-distance is all about training, endurance, and consistency. I realized that these same traits are directly applicable to social media marketing as well.