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The Top Reasons Marketing Fails & How to Avoid It

The Top Reasons Marketing Fails & How to Avoid It

After pouring your heart and soul into your business and marketing strategies, it can be pretty devastating when you don’t get the results you were hoping for. It’s easy to place the blame on yourself or tell yourself you failed. But in reality, everyone runs into these problems from time to time. In this episode, I’m going to go over the top three reasons why marketing fails and how to avoid them. 

Reason #1: Lack of Consistency

Lack of consistency in the marketing exists in two forms. The first is when you only show up when it’s time to sell. Your audience is paying attention to how you show up and if you’re only showing up when it’s time to sell or when you want them to buy something, it’s not going to sit well with them. People want to know you care about them, so when you’re creating marketing content ask yourself how you can make sure your customers know that you matter to them. Create content that isn’t just selling all the time, but also educates, inspires or entertains them. 

The second version of inconsistency is being too sporadic with your marketing. Your business needs to be visible consistently and at the ready for when your potential customers need you. Even if they are not ready to buy right now, one day they will be, and if you are not the one that’s there, you will miss out on business. Show up consistently and communicate with them and when they need what you have, you’re going to be who they go to.

Reason #2: Not Knowing Your Ideal Customer

When it comes to “failed” marketing strategies, there is often a disconnect between what you think your customer needs and what they actually need. If you struggle to create content or feel you don’t know what your customer wants/likes, it may be time to do some market research. Knowing your ideal customer takes the guesswork out of marketing and is crucial to creating content that will resonate with your audience and spur growth. 

Reason #3: Lack of Patience

This is probably the most common reason that I see marketing fail. Sometimes there’s nothing actually wrong with your marketing, but you’re not giving your audience time to process and buy. When you’re trying a new marketing strategy out, give it at least a month, ideally 60-90 days before you decide if it’s working or not. If you’re constantly changing your strategy then you’re never really giving your audience an opportunity to respond or show you if that strategy is working.

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