How do I get my business noticed online? How can I create an engaged social media audience? How do I convert website visitors and social media followers into customers? What hashtags should I be using? Are Google ads a good investment?

I'm Sydney Chakalos, a marketing nerd and small business owner with a passion for helping other small business owners grow their business using effective online marketing strategies on any budget.

Learn how to create and implement a marketing strategy that strengthens relationships with your audience and increases your bottom line. We'll cover topics around social media, email, Google ads, branding, and websites. Building your brand is a marathon and I'm here to help you win the race.


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Social Media

6 Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

The most common question I hear from other entrepreneurs about social media is, “How do I convert my followers into customers?” What I’ve encountered with clients are one of these six common social media marketing mistakes:

  1. Missing a clear call to action – What is the purpose of the post? To engage? To read a blog post? To book a call? Make sure you’re crystal clear about what you want your audience to do. Keep it to one call to action to avoid confusion!
  2. Lack of consistency – I challenge you to analyze how often you show up and share about how you serve people with your business. Is it communicated regularly or are you guilty of posting and disappearing for a week at a time? Inconsistency kills momentum.
  3. Focusing on features and not benefits – This is a BIG one! People buy benefits and based on their emotions. It’s not the five 1:1 calls they care about, but the outcome from those 1:1 calls. Talk about the benefits of buying from you. Remember that Coca-Cola doesn’t market a fizzy drink, they market happiness 🙂
  4. Being shy about your results – This goes hand-in-hand with consistency, but be proud to share the amazing results you get for clients (and do it often).
  5. Unsure Mindset – Your mindset will create a self-fulfilling prophecy for you. If you tell yourself you won’t be able to make sales from social media, it will shape how you market your business. Instead, what are the positive things you can repeat to yourself to build an unbreakable mindset?
  6. It’s not easy to buy – How many clicks does it take for your audience to purchase? For every additional step that exists, more and more people drop off. Make it easy for interested buyers to purchase!
Have you fallen guilty to one of these mistakes before? It’s okay. The good news is you control your marketing and can course correct now. I challenge you to take action today!

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Hi friends! My name is Sydney, founder of Marathon Marketing & Branding, and I’m so happy you’re here! As you might have guessed, I am an avid runner, which allows me to have more of that pinot and pasta in life. Running long-distance is all about training, endurance, and consistency. I realized that these same traits are directly applicable to social media marketing as well.